Sums of Squares Breadboard Synth


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Sums of Squares Breadboard Synth
4:30 PM – 5:45 PM | Saturday, April 27, 2019

A single digital square wave produces a buzzy musical tone. A second slow square produces a slow-rolling LFO. A third fast square produces a tremolo. And a stack of summed squares begins to sound like something entirely different. In this workshop, we will breadboard a square wave oscillator, generating multiple square waves that can be combined to create something beyond a basic bass buzz. This is a make-and-take workshop. No computer, no soldering, no electronics experience required. Please bring your own earbuds to listen to the output. All other materials will be provided and you can keep what you make. Led by Elliot Inman of Musical Circuits.



Note:  Be careful plugging earbuds into this as there is no volume control on the speaker.  Electrolytic capacitors have the long leg closest to the 40106 chip and the short leg attached to GND.


SoS Board 1

SoS Board 2   SoS Board 3


Pictures from the workshop…

SoS Workshop 2

SoS Workshop 4



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