Let’s Get Small: Python for Microcontrollers

Let’s Get Small: Python for Microcontrollers

Elliot Inman

In the world of Big Data, some of the most prolific data generating devices are also the smallest – microcontrollers that gather data from sensors and pump out an always-on highspeed bitstream.  Traditionally, these microcontrollers would have been programmed using assembly language or C.  In the past couple of years, Python has been ported to the microcontroller world, providing Python programmers an opportunity to get much closer to bare metal and experiment with very small scale computing.  This talk is a quickstart overview of MicroPython and the BBC’s Micro:bit board, CircuitPython and Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express and Trinket M0 hardware, and the Mu Editor, a small footprint interface for programming these devices.  The focus is on practical advice for how to get started and join the growing community of programmers using Python on microcontrollers.  

PyData Triangle, Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 6PM, Valassis Digital

Apologies to Steve Martin. Let’s Get Small. 1977.

~ WEI 11/2019

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