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About Amateur Musicology

Musicology” is the scholarly study of music.  An “amateur” is someone who does something for pleasure, but not as a profession and sometimes not very well.  “Amateur Musicology” is a blog. There are more than 150 million blogs on the Internet.  This website is one of them.

“Recklessly re-constructing music” is the purpose of the blog.  The “re-” prefix became affixed to many different verbs during the postmodern era in which everything was considered to be a response to modernism.  During that period, critics used words like “re-examination,” “re-presentation,” “re-evaluation,” and so on to make clear that what was happening was in response to what had already happened.  “Re-constructing” is to construct something again, especially something that has been deconstructed.  Music is “organized sound.”  The purpose of this blog is to re-construct organized sound based on a scholarly study of music.  Recklessly.  It’s a post-postmodern thing.

About Musical Circuits


Musical Circuits was presented at UNC-Chapel Hill as a series of workshops in Spring of 2016.  The first workshop was with the Experimental Music Study Group and focused on building the world’s simplest oscillator played with a Musical Pencil.  Later that Spring, a series of workshops were conducted with the UNC Makerspace as part of a Maker-in-Residence program.  Since then, we have done workshops and demonstrations at the Burlington Mini Maker Faire and Knobcon.

The posts on this blog include those projects and others.  In many ways, “Musical Circuits” is a better name for this blog.  Bridging composition theory and circuit building/coding, some posts celebrate uninhibited musical imagination and other posts are strictly about making stuff and compiling code.  And since this operation has no marketing department and no clue what the phrase “brand management” actually means, we (or I) the owner intend to continue to randomly sort the order of various url re-directs.  Amateur Musicology or Musical Circuits?  Yes.

About All of This

On this blog, every effort is made to ensure that technical information provided is accurate, safe, and helpful. If you find a technical error of importance in these posts, please contact: amateur musicology at gmail dot com and include TECHNICAL ERROR in the subject line so that we can address that issue.

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All content on Amateur Musicology & Musical Circuits, unless explicitly noted (author/artist citation or link), is the property of Amateur Musicology & Musical Circuits, painstakingly created to fit within the narrow functionality of this blog.  Feel free to link to this blog any way you want – recklessly, even.

~WEI 2016