Musical Circuits Goes to Moogfest 2017


Four Days, Four WorkshopsMusical Pencil Moogfest Schedule


Interview with Jasmin Blasco of Dublab RadioDublab Jasmin and Elliot

Jasmin and Elliot talk about Moogfest, the square wave oscillator workshops, the history of drawing devices as a tool for making music, making music on a Mac Plus in 1987, the democratization of new technology, the Minimoog, postmodernism, musicology, the meaning of “time,” polka, raga, EDM, black midi, what inspires composers and artists, technology fetishes, gear lust, and sitting on the floor playing a Realistic MG-1 in a music shop in Great Falls, Montana twenty years ago — in no particular order.   

Complete Dublab Moogfest 2017 Day 1 Livestream archive here.


Workshop Prep 1:  Parts, and Parts, and PartsParts

Piezos    Pots

AnalogClipping    Bagged

Workshop Prep 2:  Synth in a Brown Paper BagBagism Shagism

Bags with Breadboards   Synth in a Bag


Musical Pencil at Work

Musical Pencil Technical Notes, Schematics, and Demos here

A (Random) Forest of Musical Pencils at Moogfest


And Then What Was

Banded Moogfest 2017  Banded Moogfest 2017 2

Was What Had Been.Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines



Thanks to Lorna-Rose, Vivian, James, Jessie, Arikai, Michael, Zack, and everyone else who helped me throughout the four sessions of the Musical Pencil Synth Make-and-Take at Moogfest 2017.

Over four days, we built 53 kits with participants, almost all of whom had no electronics experience,  but left Moogfest with a square wave oscillator they had built themselves — all wrapped up in a brown paper bag.

~ WEI 2017


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